Little Mary’s blanket


I’ve been working on a baby blanket for my new niece. It will be a nice sized blanket that I hope she’ll be able to use for some time as she grows up. I’m hoping it will be something she will cherish as she grows older and maybe even one day give to her daughter.

Lemon & Lime Cheesecake


And now for some food.

The other day I attempted my first-ever make-it-yourself-from-scratch cheesecake. Admittedly there is no shortage of cheesecake recipes out there, but they all invariably had something I was missing or had not a chance in hell of getting. Living in the islands ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, let me tell ya.

Paper beads in action


Since that package arrived in July, I’ve been having another go at making beads. I have to admit the roller does make it easier because it gives you that extra little bit of room you need to do such a repetitive motion comfortably. But what’s really got me going is that glaze. I’m sure there have been glazes and glazes since the invention of papier mâché, but I have this glaze. And it is good.

So good that I was moved to make a set of earrings almost immediately my first batch was dry.

paper bead hoops

Package arrived!

Craft, Tangent


I had a wonderful kaicolo moment today when the very first (physical) thing I have ever bought online arrived in the mail. It was really awesome for some reason. I was giddy as a schoolgirl. Couldn’t stop grinning. Had to open it up and use the stuff straight away!

Since starting to make paper beads a while back, I’ve been wondering if I was doing it right. Also, I wanted this glaze stuff so I didn’t have to varnish my beads (coz its a total pain in the ass). But the glaze wasn’t worth buying on its own when I had to consider shipping so I searched for what else I could package with it to make it worthwhile.

from Aubrey's Beads

Crochet headband/head wrap


When I got back from one of my trips to Melbourne I was having tons of trouble trying to find work. It was job applications coming out of my ears kind of trouble. And no luck to shake a cat at. And, as my partner can attest to, I was getting thoroughly restless and bored out of my skin.

So I decided to take up a project and teach myself, of all things, to crochet. The decision wasn’t completely out of left field. I had to pick a craft (and I had decided it had to be a craft) that I could do using the tools I already had. I was working on a budget here, come on! Anyway, my sister had left a couple of crochet hooks and a bag of yarn in my room from, like, yonks ago. Figured that’s a good place as any to start.

Paper beads – an attempt

Craft, Photography

I absolutely had to try my hand at making beads after seeing this instructable. Their products looked almost too good to be true. I had to find out if it was really that simple to recycle paper into something stunning.

Suffice to say that it got addictive that first day. I think I sat there for almost 6 hours just slogging away at it, ruling and cutting strips of paper then rolling them onto toothpicks and trying to get the shape just right. And it may seem like a simple idea to begin with, but once you get into it you realise just what an art it really is!

a few beads

dried and waiting for varnish