Beauty in the details


Who would have thought we would ever tie the knot? Probably not us, at least not at the start. Too normal, not us at all. And yet here we are, 6 years and counting, planning a wedding (of sorts).

We’ve been lucky in that we’ve been able to keep pretty much everything minimalistic, and not in the way where everything is monochromatic and nouveau chic. More like in the way where we didn’t have to spend our life savings on a day that could turn out to be the most stressful day of our lives with beautiful photos to match.

Shiny and new

Craft, Photography

A lot has happened since my last post… way back before Christmas last year. In short, I’ve finished up my year’s internship in Samoa and have returned home for an extended break because there was a very real need to spend quality time with my family while making sure the rest of the plan is falling into place.

There is much to say about my time in Samoa, so I’ll keep that for a separate post.

Venturing out


The decision to start blogging may seem trivial to most but for me it was like making a huge life-changing choice, the consequences of which would ring down through the years. Luckily it’s not as dramatic as I thought.

So here I am, making my small mark on the extra large rump of the interwebs. Wish me luck.

This space was intended to be a project blog for the random things I have recently found myself interested in. From a staggering number of internet sources I have been able to learn how to crochet and make jewellery, as well as finding more and more things about food that make me love the stuff more than ever!

Be prepared for ravings about dishes I’ve cooked, mixed in with updates on jewellery projects, tied in with recipes that I’ve found and want to try, and coming right back to finding crochet patterns that might be within my skill level.

I don’t claim that everything on this blog will be original, but I will post all links to projects, patterns, and recipes found so that everyone can share the love.

I hope to start posting pictures and things about my projects in the coming weeks. The space will be filled with meanderings of the craft-inclined portion of my brain, and then hopefully will branch out into more random shit later. That’s about as close to an explanation of what will happen here as I’m ever going to supply, so I hope you’re happy with it.