Lemon & Lime Cheesecake


And now for some food.

The other day I attempted my first-ever make-it-yourself-from-scratch cheesecake. Admittedly there is no shortage of cheesecake recipes out there, but they all invariably had something I was missing or had not a chance in hell of getting. Living in the islands ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, let me tell ya.

Mmm… creamy potatoes

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On the weekend I tried making potato dauphinois, or creamy potato bake, but without a gratin. From the sample recipes I found online, the main difference between a nice French dauphinois and a simple potato bake seems to be that the cream mixture in the dauphinois is flavoured with rosemary or thyme (or both) and garlic. And that sounds damn good to me!

(somewhat) thinly sliced potatoes

God save the Queen

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The Queen’s B’day long weekend is the last long weekend in Fiji until Independence Day in October. Which sucks seeing as we’ve averaged at least one public holiday a month since January. It is also a pretty rare thing for the-four-of-us-who-live-together to spend a weekend together actually doing something.

But a day at the beach is not something to be missed. Especially when the weather was as good as it was this weekend. Sunny skies, few wispy clouds, hot sun, and a cool breeze. Makes for the best beach conditions.