Where is the real tragedy?


It fell on me like a stack of books in the wake of today’s tragic news. Something I had been avoiding for some time. Every evening, after work, I come home to an empty house. Bereft of friends and family, I fill my house with artificial dialogue and white noise from television or radio.



Plans are slowly coming together for the big day. We seem to be rethinking some of our matching rings!earlier plans as we go along and found ourselves doing a complete 180 in terms of what we want. I think we’re quite close to locking in some actual bookings, etc, this weekend so that’s exciting!

More exciting news is that our wedding bands were delivered! They’re absolutely perfect, well as much as I could see over my shoddy Skype video. They were delivered to my partner in Oz & me all the way over here in tropical “Kansas” could only see them when he held them up to the webcam. Still, from what I could see, they are perfect for us. Tungsten carbide with a band of carbon fiber. Certainly gets the nerd receptors tingling.