Plans are slowly coming together for the big day. We seem to be rethinking some of our matching rings!earlier plans as we go along and found ourselves doing a complete 180 in terms of what we want. I think we’re quite close to locking in some actual bookings, etc, this weekend so that’s exciting!

More exciting news is that our wedding bands were delivered! They’re absolutely perfect, well as much as I could see over my shoddy Skype video. They were delivered to my partner in Oz & me all the way over here in tropical “Kansas” could only see them when he held them up to the webcam. Still, from what I could see, they are perfect for us. Tungsten carbide with a band of carbon fiber. Certainly gets the nerd receptors tingling.

Looking outside our little bubble of sunshine, I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky. Although we didn’t plan on marriage initially, my partner and I have always had the option. There are couples who are in just as committed relationships, possibly for longer than my partner and I have even known each other, who do not. In some countries, they can’t even openly acknowledge their relationships.

The issue of marriage equality is raging in the US, and sending ripples throughout the developed world. Apparently only a few US states recognise some level of same-sex relationships, whether its full marriage rights, civil unions, or domestic relationships (i.e. de facto relationships). This, to me, shows the arbitrary nature of marriage as a social construct; it’s based on religion, on human rights, on the constitution, on the law, whichever.

Of course there’s always going to be the argument against same-sex marriage put forth by religion, which is all fair in love and war. But to put those views forward as a means of stopping a legal union of two people feels inherently wrong to me. Why should my ability to wed my other-sex partner be more morally or legally appropriate than the gay couple who live next door, or the lesbian couple who live across the road?

I’ve not weighed in on the topic of same-sex marriage, whether I’m for or against, but perhaps I should make my opinion clear here: I am all for allowing couples to have unions legally recognised as marriages should they want it. I don’t understand the reasoning behind not wanting some couples to have the same legal privileges and basic right to love whom they want just because it doesn’t match with their belief system.

It’s a touchy subject because of all the sensitivity surrounding religion and the fight for human rights for all. I do not expect this piece to be some kind of swing vote influence on the subject. Rather it is a rant, nay, a musing, based on the fact that love is love and any kind of love is better than all kinds of hate.

And now, to laugh.

2 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. I agree it’s a choice and not a necessity and the last paragraph surely says a mouthful. Good one.

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