Soul food


Came across a post today about the death of, a website that’s supposed to combine social interaction and new music experiences. I suppose it must be the equivalent of meeting people and hanging out at a music festival.

It got me thinking about music and the role music plays in life (my life in particular as it’s the only one I have any authority writing about). In my experience life is pretty drab without a kick-ass soundtrack. I can say this is pretty much fact from all my scientific research working in media. Just think about what it would be like to watch movies that have no music in the background. I know, right?!

This brings up another point that was mentioned in that post; music is, majority of the time, a background experience. This is the reason radio broadcasting is still alive and well in even the most developed countries that sell cars with built-in iPod docks. It’s also, apparently, the reason why Turntable failed at customer retention. Radio, and now personal media devices, allow us to have or create a soundtrack for even the most boring days. Plus it’s a great way to have entertainment that doesn’t require your full attention.

I’ve had the best experience working on radio, getting to play awesome music every single day and basically creating soundtracks for other people’s lives, in real time! There’s nothing quite like it and I’ve never found another job that has the same feeling of reward as when some random stranger calls you up to thank you for bringing music to their day. That probably sounds cheesy as all hell but it is a pretty cheesy feeling so it’s a good thing I’m not lactose intolerant.

radio gaga

Ever since I could remember I’ve been able to work better with music on in the background, from doing homework, housework, workwork, or funwork. Music seems to make my brain work function more clearly. Corporate jobs have always been unattractive to me because it’s considered unprofessional to listen to music in an office environment. Such a pity.

I recently got stuff shipped over to my new home in Samoa and with it came a few surprises from my mum (she likes to sneak fun stuff into my care packages). She found the coolest transistor radio I’ve ever seen. It catches normal FM/AM band radio frequencies, features a cassette player, USB port and SD card (all of which work splendidly) and it can run off batteries during blackouts making it one of the best little gadgets I currently own. It’s also pretty fricking loud! I love my little radio.

If music is food for the soul then may nourishment be forever forthcoming.

3 thoughts on “Soul food

  1. What a great Mom! A study was done once that showed that playing music increased worker’s productivity! At the least, it made them happier (unless it was Barry Manilow songs played over, and over!) 🙂 Great post!

    1. thanks for the comments! yeah she is a pretty great mom. agree with you about the Barry Manilow – perfect example of everything in moderation. soul food must be prepared and consumed carefully, and unfortunately we have very little real soul food these days. thank goodness for the classics 🙂

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