Beauty in the details


Who would have thought we would ever tie the knot? Probably not us, at least not at the start. Too normal, not us at all. And yet here we are, 6 years and counting, planning a wedding (of sorts).

We’ve been lucky in that we’ve been able to keep pretty much everything minimalistic, and not in the way where everything is monochromatic and nouveau chic. More like in the way where we didn’t have to spend our life savings on a day that could turn out to be the most stressful day of our lives with beautiful photos to match.

I’m getting quite excited about the prospect of having this much fun at a wedding, even if it will be in the dead of winter. I just hope that our friends have as much fun as we will. And it will be only friends present, no family, due to certain circumstances. Which meant we could forego all the pomp and finery and have all kinds of fun!matching rings!

The official line is “paintball and a piss-up”. It sounds brilliant, hits all the rights spots: something off the bucket list; fun group activity; no need for dress or flowers; completely unconventional and forever memorable. Fun as all hell to boot.

While these plans are still being formed we have ticked one box as we get closer to the date. Specifically, we bought rings! A matching set of bands made of scratch resistant (extremely hard) tungsten carbide with a band of black carbon fiber through the middle. Aren’t they beautiful?

As much as I love watching romantic movies with the big weddings and seeing pics of my friends or family in their gorgeous dresses, I have never actually wanted any of that for myself. I’ve always wanted something very different, memorable and unconventional and I’m incredibly lucky to have a partner who wants the same. Which makes everything so much more exciting!

The next job is to agree on what/where we’re doing things and start putting money aside. Straight after that will be invitations being emailed so we can get proper numbers. Things are moving smoothly so far and hopefully it will stay that way. This will be the best day in my entire year! I won’t say for the rest of our lives because, considering where life may take us, it may not be true.

Here’s to living the dream. Cheers!

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