T’is the season

Craft, Work

It has been a hectic few months trying to keep my feet under me & my head above water (where the heck am I?) but I have survived the first ¼ of my internship.  And the new year is already looking good!

But, for now, the festive season is upon us and the once bustling campus where I spend my weekdays is now sleepy and hushed.  Also we have a Christmas tree.  In the front office.

Now according to the elves who put the tree up, the office doesn’t actual carry a lot of ornaments with which to trim said tree.  And so a request was made for the staff to make/buy/show up and put something of their own on the tree.details

I made a star.

Made of paper beads, seed beads, crystal beads, glass tube beads, and wire.

I found a wonderful tutorial that showed me how to make exactly what I had in mind.  How often does that happen?

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the process, but seeing as I’ve already had some requests to make more for some special ladies in my life, I will have way more opportunities coming up to document every little step.

But for now I’ve made a little contribution to the spirit of the season.

hanging on the tree

Happy holidays everybody.

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