You mean you just got here?


At the end of my second week in Apia, I have to say it’s been a hell of a ride! Admittedly I should have known what I was getting myself into, but of course I had no idea.

Having a crash course in environmental advocacy is like having a crash course in politics & business all rolled into one. It. Is. Go! Go! Go! all the time. Everyone is always doing something, organising something, working on a project, writing papers, traveling, all of this & more, all the damn time. But it’s good, right? It’s for the environment, right?

With my first week of work being a pretty good imitation of baptism by fire I’ve had very little time to wrap my head around much of the work they do here. You think learning on the job is easy? Well this one would have been that much easier if I had gotten some reading material beforehand. The scope of the work and the sheer scale of the projects will scoop you up and bitchslap you if you’re not careful. At least that’s what I think happened to me.

Despite all the craziness going on around me, though, I was able to pick up some info about the kind of projects that are underway in the Pacific. As well as the amount of support that’s needed from governments to actually get the work done.

One of my favourites has to be the renewable energy project. I think I just have a soft spot for it because of dad, but there is a project that is setting up renewable energy tech in 11 countries in the Pacific. Part of the project includes educating the people about the sustainability of renewable energy as opposed to fossil fuels, as well as the need to cut carbon emissions. And, let’s face it, the Pacific has a good chance of making renewable energy seriously viable.

But enough PR! 😛

I learned a lot about how the organisation is run & how & what they do in that first week. And if that was a baptism by fire, then this week was sink or swim. You know that part earlier, when I said everybody is always traveling? Well my supervisor/boss lady/officer-in-charge person has what is called ‘duty travel’ this week. She is going with a team to the Cook Islands (!) to check out the progress of the work done there. And she’s left me all alone.

Well not really alone. And she’s left me work to do. Luckily she had email access that first day back in the office otherwise I think the battle may have been lost already. But she trusted me to get the work done and I was able to keep my head above water (to keep flogging the analogy).

And so we come to the end of the week. It’s been a hell of a run, but I should stop procrastinating and get on with my job. I have some serious photoshopping to get through before the end of the day. I hope to have more updates, and hopefully pictures too, very soon, but there will be very little on food or craft for a while until I get fully settled.

Catch y’all on the flip side 🙂

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