The Big Move

Tangent, Travel

I seriously contemplated yet another post about blogging neglect, but stopped myself as I really did have more important things to do. And for the two of you who read this blog, I do apologise but it was very necessary.

If you remember, way back in the before-time, I applied for a year-long internship with an environmental agency to be a gopher for their media department. I got through the first batch of applicants to a stage where they called me up for a phone interview and that seemed to go very well. Then I heard that they were contacting my referees for more dirt on me. In fact, I heard their approach to digging up my work history was to have a thesis-sized form for these poor souls to fill out… and one of them flat-out refused. Love that guy!

Long-story-short, that was the last I heard about it for almost a month. Things happened since then, such as Dzal relocating to Apia within a week (read: hectic runaround time) and I applied for other jobs because I thought that one had slipped through.

But, lo and behold they were not done with me! And they have crazy timing. Like crazy crazy timing.

I was all set to start planning another one of those quick-dash trips down to Melbourne to see my ever-patient fiancé and had even booked and paid for a ticket. The very next day I get an email saying that I’ve got the job, if I still want it, and they would like me to start ASAP.

And so begun two weeks of shopping (oh my goodness I never thought I would get so tired of shopping), paying for things, waiting in lines, filling out forms, and scanning documents. Relocating is no simple task, especially if you don’t have some ready cash with you. This stuff costs a bundle! However, I’ve taken all most of the receipts and have already budgeted to send money back home to pay for everything. With that weight off my shoulders, and the hope that the topic never comes back to haunt me, I set to enjoying myself and the fact that my life is finally going somewhere.

Somewhere tropical too! For I am moving to warm and sunny Apia, Western Samoa, where I will become the Publications and Communications Intern (PCI) for a year at SPREP (the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme). This is going to be an exciting time, and I may not be here to update much in the next few weeks. However, once I get settled and get some broadband action happening, I hope to be sharing some good times with the world.

Here’s to change. Cheers.

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