Paper beads in action


Since that package arrived in July, I’ve been having another go at making beads. I have to admit the roller does make it easier because it gives you that extra little bit of room you need to do such a repetitive motion comfortably. But what’s really got me going is that glaze. I’m sure there have been glazes and glazes since the invention of papier mâché, but I have this glaze. And it is good.

So good that I was moved to make a set of earrings almost immediately my first batch was dry.

paper bead hoops
I used some smaller beads, jump rings, and some salvaged flat discs. This was one of those projects that had no real starting point except for a vague concept of what I wanted it to look like. It basically came together as I experimented with stringing as opposed to using wire. Then the whole lot (except for the hooks) got a very quick dip in more glaze to give in some stability around the thread.

I was really happy with these as they came out looking very close to what I had hoped. I gave them the ultimate test a few weeks ago, wearing them on a night out, and they went along swimmingly. They aren’t heavy or overly striking in colour. A good start to making some of my own designs, I think.

paperbead revisit earrings

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