Ya, sure! Why not?!

So here it is. Finally. It’s not like it took all this time to actually fix the frame or anything. Just took me this long to get it on the site. Please excuse the disgraceful negligence heretofore exhibited and let’s not speak of it again.

earrings on display

I’m not sure if she’ll remember this, but a good friend of mine gave me this photo frame as a present way back in high school. Since then it’s gone pretty much wherever I’ve gone and held some fun memories. Unfortunately over the years it also developed an advanced case of the rusties. A makeover was definitely called for. But if I was going to overhaul it, why not go all the way?

Needing something to display earrings on was a good start to how I wanted the frame to look. Lightly sprayed with silver, so that it had more of a matte finish rather than gloss, would make it a good background for some colourful combinations. I used black underneath and in the back so that it would be even more muted, but also to ensure that if it got scratched there would be good contrast. There is also black on the inside and daubed over the sponge layer that used to hold photos in place. This black contrasts nicely with the white gauze material stretched over the sponge which acts as a cover for the innards & a sturdy perch for the earring hooks.

In fact, the only I didn’t put back into the frame was the glass fronting. Everything else was painted & reused. Now I just have to think of something to do with that piece of glass. As well as where to sell these earrings.

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