Crochet headband/head wrap


When I got back from one of my trips to Melbourne I was having tons of trouble trying to find work. It was job applications coming out of my ears kind of trouble. And no luck to shake a cat at. And, as my partner can attest to, I was getting thoroughly restless and bored out of my skin.

So I decided to take up a project and teach myself, of all things, to crochet. The decision wasn’t completely out of left field. I had to pick a craft (and I had decided it had to be a craft) that I could do using the tools I already had. I was working on a budget here, come on! Anyway, my sister had left a couple of crochet hooks and a bag of yarn in my room from, like, yonks ago. Figured that’s a good place as any to start.

Teaching myself how to crochet turned out to be a really fun experience, and thank FSM for the interwebs. With sites like Crochet Mania (which seems to have changed its name to Crochet Geek) and a plethora of sites with free patterns or links to patterns I was able to learn the basics within a few short weeks. Then it was trying to find a pattern that I could try out that was easy enough for a beginner, but complex enough to present a challenge.

I found it in this pattern, a headband that uses three different stitches in one line that creates a wonderful effect when finished. Plus trying to fit on a button and buttonhole to match.

I really love this thing and wear it all the time now, especially since we’ve recently gotten some chilly weather (lovely warm ears are good in winter).

I’m also planning on making one for a good friend of mine back in Melbourne. I got some lovely bamboo yarn in black while I was there earlier this year and with a stark white button I think it will look great with her chocolate skin.

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