Package arrived!

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I had a wonderful kaicolo moment today when the very first (physical) thing I have ever bought online arrived in the mail. It was really awesome for some reason. I was giddy as a schoolgirl. Couldn’t stop grinning. Had to open it up and use the stuff straight away!

Since starting to make paper beads a while back, I’ve been wondering if I was doing it right. Also, I wanted this glaze stuff so I didn’t have to varnish my beads (coz its a total pain in the ass). But the glaze wasn’t worth buying on its own when I had to consider shipping so I searched for what else I could package with it to make it worthwhile.

from Aubrey's Beads

Thanks to Aubrey’s Beads, I am now the proud owner & user of bead rollers and glaze. It was so totally worth waiting for. Now I know I’m actually doing it right. I was a bit disappointed to find that the roller was thicker than I thought, which means I’m still using my glover’s needle. But now that I actually have two rollers I might be able to MacGyver something with the spare one.

Will be posting more about the revisit to paper bead construction and will have more photos (paper beads reloaded) in the next few weeks.

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