No job is too small

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Some people think working with family is a bad idea. Maybe those people pick the wrong family to work with. Working with AL and Dzal hasn’t been the best in terms of pay or stability but it has been some kinda fun!

Admittedly I don’t do a hell of a lot. We do a lot of print work, mostly publications and graphics, with the odd cool random thing thrown in, and that keeps Dzal really busy since he’s the graphics dude. But every now and then we get some jobs where I can do some photography or scripting or something else that I’ve been able to get into. And more rarely we get a lovely artsy-craftsy project that gets us all going.

completed wishing wells

The first of these was a seriously fun job from BATman. The BATcave wanted to put together a kind of suggestion box in the form of a wishing well. So he brought home a couple of stands and large plastic buckets with lids. From these humble beginnings came a project the likes of which will never be forgotten in this household.

I have no idea why or how the project got so ambitious but, man, those wells were freaking sexy by the time we were done with them! They got the whole deal. Papier mache stonework, some funky paintjobs, hand-made roofing shingles, tiny buckets with ropes, and even some grass and dirt!

I always love projects like that. Full-on bedlam in creating something relatively simple, and then taking it to a whole new level of awesome.

More photos of construction on my Flickr page.

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