Mmm… creamy potatoes

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On the weekend I tried making potato dauphinois, or creamy potato bake, but without a gratin. From the sample recipes I found online, the main difference between a nice French dauphinois and a simple potato bake seems to be that the cream mixture in the dauphinois is flavoured with rosemary or thyme (or both) and garlic. And that sounds damn good to me!

(somewhat) thinly sliced potatoes

Looking at what I had to work with, though, I saw that I was missing some pretty key ingredients. I had no fresh herbs, only dried, and I didn’t have any cream.

So time to improvise, methinks.

Instead of a cream and milk mixture, I made a pretty runny béchamel sauce flavoured with rosemary and garlic. The idea is that this will thicken up and stick everything together in the oven, much like the cream is supposed to do, but we won’t get that lovely creaminess. I’m really loving the flavour of the sauce though.

making my bechamel

I decided to add layers of onions between the potatoes, and those were just sweated with olive oil and thyme. Also, as I said, no gratin so no cheese. Which wasn’t a completely crazy idea. Hell if Delia can do it, so can I!

sweating onions and thyme in olive oil

So it may not be a “traditional” dauphinois, and Julia Child is probably sending her minions after me as I write this, but its works for me! 🙂

looking good

It may not be a food stylist’s dream, but that was some good eats.

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