God save the Queen

Food, Photography, Tangent

The Queen’s B’day long weekend is the last long weekend in Fiji until Independence Day in October. Which sucks seeing as we’ve averaged at least one public holiday a month since January. It is also a pretty rare thing for the-four-of-us-who-live-together to spend a weekend together actually doing something.

But a day at the beach is not something to be missed. Especially when the weather was as good as it was this weekend. Sunny skies, few wispy clouds, hot sun, and a cool breeze. Makes for the best beach conditions.

Also, for some weird reason, damn near everything tastes better outdoors! Even the humble long loaf, staple of the diet of every modern Fijian, filled with sun-warmed meaty goodness is like eating meat-flavoured ambrosia. You just can’t go wrong with long loaf filled with beef curry or corned beef and onions.

And to top it all off, fresh sugar cane, bought from the side of the road of course.

So hopefully we all got enough sunshine and salt water to last us through the winter. Or at least till next Sunday. Maybe.

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